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Luke Chad Herrington (Davon Wilson) is the older teenage brother of Dana Herrington and son of Chris and Kelly Herrington. He is known for his goofy, lazy and disgusting habits. Luke is a very regular character in Dana's Life. Luke also has a central role in the feature film Dana's Life.


Like the rest of his family, Luke is from Kansas City. He moved to Malibu, California with his family.When Luke first attended school in California he was made fun of because of his accent, cowboy hat, boots, and large belt buckle with shining bright lights which he wore to school. His birthday is October 22, 1990


Luke is laid back, casual and often lazy. He is also very foolish. He leaves his room very untidy. Luke is a mediocre high school student, and has a rough time starting college in the 5th season. He is known for how disgustingly he lives. Luke is often seen barefoot or wearing flip-flops. It is also revealed in the episode "Alice Spring Fling" that Luke's bare feet are ticklish.

He is constantly looking for ways to earn money, generally for the purpose of impressing girls. He is often asking his dad to supplement his income or to increase his allowance. In "I Want You Boy Part 1" he teams up with Allen and opens a cheese jerky stand. In "My New Indentity" episode Luke gets paid to model Dana's Maria clothes for Kyle. He also holds the world record for the longest amount of time hopping on a pogo stick, a feat which earned him $5,000."Ms.Jonas". After initially failing to enter college, Luke says that his plans for the future include collecting an inheritance from Chris and writing a tell-all book about Dana. After experiencing a flashforward in which he is an old man and still working at Anna's, Luke's college ambition is reenergized.

Unlike most of his family, Luke seems to have no musical talent. Even his own mother admitted that he sings like "a regular tone deaf walrus." During one of Dana's nightmares he becomes a rock-star sensation named Lane Maine. Dana's Life' episode Brooke's Choice.

Luke's main talent seems to be for acting. In "Dana's Cookie" he plays an old woman at a rest home, in "Mamaw In The Building" he plays a pot-bellied health inspector, and in "I Knocked Luke's Memory Out" he gives a believable performance of having suffered amnesia. He is also good at impersonations, such as Elvis Presley, Ozzy Osbourne, the "Godfather", and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also imitates his father in "Mamaw In The Building" and his sister in "Talent Not". In "Welcome To (No) Salad City," Luke coaches Dana on his techniques before she appears on a talk show to which Dana responds he could have a future as a lawyer. He now goes to college, which he often brags about.


Lola Gracia (played by Lanya Hampton): She is Dana and the girls' rival. They start going out on Bitter Birthday when Luke says "Your Hot". The break up for the first time on "Meddling Dana" because of Dana meddling but she feels really bad about it so she trys to fix it. They got back together at the end. They end up unlitmatly breaking up on Jumping Jets. He gets jealous when she starts to date Sean on "I Want You Boy" and he helps Dana break them up.

Wally Sanders (played by Jessica Underwood): Wally is a girl in Luke's grade. She was introduced on "Wacky Wally". Luke really like her, making Lola jealous. She wants to be a model and Luke helps her. She achieve her goal and becomes a model on "No More Sixth Grade Shelley" but she has to move.

Alice Davis (played by Danyja Smith): Alice is one of Dana, Brittany, and Allen's best friend. They shared a strong hate for each other. They used to alway argue and Luke would sometimes fart in her face. They started going out on "No More Sixth Grade Shelley" when she conforted him when Wally moved away.

Luke Herrington
Dana's Life character
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "It All Comes Down Too This"
Created by Phil BakerDrew Vaupen
Portrayed by Davon Wilson

Ryan Adkisson (young)

Gender Male


Student (Season 1: 8th grade, Season 2: 9th grade, Season 3: 10th grade, Season 4: 11th/ 12th grade, Season 5: College Student)


Chris Herrington (father) Kelly Herrington (mother) Dana Herrington(sister) Tyler Herrington(Brother) Brooke Herrington(Sis) Shelley Herrington (sis) Lenny Herrington (bro)

Significant other(s)

Lola Gracia(ex-girlfriend)

Alice Davis (girlfriend)

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